Free Driving Lesson Hull

learner driver with keysFree Trial Lesson

With West Hull School of Motoring you can have a free no obligation trial lesson. You will be picked up from home,work or wherever is convenient,you can then get behind the wheel and you’ll be given a lesson, free of charge.

This is so that lessons can start at the right level, and you can see if  West Hull School of Motoring. is for you! If its not, no problem, all you’ve lost is an hour of your time.

You will definitely drive on your first free driving lesson, novice or part trained pupil. Whatever your experience, you will not be pushed beyond your abilities. There is no ‘ In at the deep end ‘ mentality.

Every lesson is designed around the pupils ability, gently encouraging rather than pushing you along, gradually working through a syllabus designed to move the pupil along at their own pace, increasing in difficulty gradually, building the pupils confidence as we go.


Nervous About Learning to Drive?

Taking to the road for the first time starting your driving lessons can seem daunting to most of us. But to some it can seem scary or even terrifying!

Unfortunately for some people, they pay out their money to a driving school up front, perhaps booking five, ten or even more lessons, only to be dropped in at the deep end and having their fears confirmed, or sometimes spending four or five of their lessons sat at the side of the road talking about driving rather than actually getting on and doing it!


Give West Hull School of Motoring a Try!

Why not try West Hull School of Motoring’s free trial lesson? All you need is a provisional licence and an hour of your time. Its no obligation, there’s no ‘ Hard Sell ‘, and you never know – You may even enjoy it!