Why Black Box Insurance could help learner drivers.

As a learner driver it can prove quite difficult finding a car insurance policy to suit you.

One of the biggest problems is the fact that so many standard insurance firms offer temporary short term cover. Whilst this may sound like a good idea at first it could prove extremely expensive in the long-run.

As a learner you are deemed less of a risk as you are chaperoned when out on the road. One of the reasons short-term car insurance for learners tends to be quite cheap.

When you eventually pass your driving test you will normally find that the cost of young drivers car insurance is extremely high. Certain firms actually increase the premium dramatically if they haven’t already cancelled your policy!

This is no doubt a big problem for a lot of young drivers. However, it’s worth taking a telematics or “black box” insurance policy into account.

There are black box insurance providers out there who offer learner driver insurance that won’t increase in premium or get cancelled after the learner passes their test… but why?

Well a black box monitors a number of elements about the way you drive – including speed, acceleration and braking patterns, how you drive round corners, etc.

Through exhibiting good driving behaviour the insurance provider can discount your premium at renewal. However, if the motorist drives poorly then the premium is likely to go-up – it’s simply about keeping young drivers safe on the road by rewarding good driving behaviour.

Guest Post: This article was supplied by iKube Insurance. iKube is a specialist in learner driver insurance and offers discounted rates through it’s telematics scheme.Please visit http://www.ikubeinsurance.com