Learning to drive – Frequently asked questions

Do the Examiners have a fixed quota of passes per day or week?

No. The Examiners are monitored closely, and also checked by a senior Examiner regularly to see that they stick to the Driving standards Agency’s marking criteria. Each test that the Examiner conducts has to be fair, independent of, and be unaffected by, any previous tests that the Examiner has carried out previously.
Basically, if you drive well enough during your test you’ll pass. If you don’t, you won’t.

How old do you have to be to learn to drive?

16 for mopeds and invalid carriages.
17 for tractors, cars and motorcycles.
21 for large vehicles, mini-buses and buses.

Who’s allowed to accompany me on my test?

Before your test begins the Examiner will ask if you’d like your instructor to accompany you, which is entirely up to you, or if not you are allowed to take a friend with you as long as they’re over 16. Any passenger is not allowed to interfere in any way, and they must be strapped in properly. You can also take an interpreter along if required, but they are subject to the same restrictions.

How many driving lessons will I need?

There’s no simple answer to this, it depends on a lot of things such as if you’ve had any previous experience on the road before, are you nervous about being on the road, and of course how quickly you pick it up as everyone learns at a different speed. The average quoted by the D.S.A is 40 professional lessons plus 20 private ones, so that being an average some will need more, some will need less.

I’d love to learn to drive, but I’m really nervous about being in busy traffic?

At West Hull School of Motoring, there is no ” In at the deep end ” mentality. You are taken through a syllabus which is designed to become gradually more difficult, so that you’re gently nudged along rather than pushed into something you’re not comfortable with. This results in a comfortable, relaxed environment, and ultimately a comfortable, relaxed, and confident driver.

Who can accompany me on my private lessons?

Anyone who has a current full driving licence, has had it for 3 years or more, and is over 21.

I’ve lost my theory pass certificate, what can I do?

You’ll need to contact customer services at the D.S.A. where they’ll be able to send you a letter to say you’ve passed, or if there’s not enough time for that then they can give you your pass certificate number over the phone.