Trials to take place for new practical driving test.

Trials are to take place for a new practical driving test.The trials will take place in 20 or more practical driving centres around the UK.The new style test will include a section were the candidate will have to follow a sat-nav for a period of time,and there will also be changes to the manoeuvres such as driving in, and reversing out of a parking space in a car park.
The changes are being made in an effort to make the driving test reflect more accurately ‘Real life’ situations after the test.The sat-nav section will replace the independent driving section of the test currently being used,and it is thought that it may test out the candidates ability to cope with distractions within the car.Another change will involve ‘Show me,tell me’ questions being asked whilst the car is on the move.
The trials will last over the next few months ,and only if they are successful,and that the candidates benefit from the changes will they be made permanent and nationwide.
The test centres involved in the trials locally are Lincoln and York.