Top 10 Reasons for Failing Your Driving Test

The current overall pass rate nationally is approximately 40%, and the first time pass rate is even lower.

The Driving Standards Agency has published a list of the top ten reasons people fail their test. Most, if not all of the reasons could probably be put down to nerves on the day. Being nervous under pressure affects our judgement, and can result in a pupil making a mistake or error in judgement that they wouldn’t normally do during one of their lessons.

Confidence in your own ability is key to overcoming test day nerves. At West Hull School of Motoring your driving instructor will guide you through a syllabus which is designed to give you the skills and the confidence to not only get you through your test, but make you a relaxed, confident driver for life.

Pupils often ask when will they be ready to take their test. The answer is when they can drive safely, following the rules of the Highway Code, without any help from their instructor.

The following list is the top 10 reasons people fail their test. If you recognise any of them as faults that occur regularly during your own lessons, then maybe you’re not quite ready yet!

  1.    Inappropriate speed – Travelling too fast or too slow.
  2.    Observation at junctions – Ineffective observation and poor judgement.
  3.    Lack of steering control – steering too early or too late.
  4.    Use of mirrors – Not checking or not acting on information.
  5.    Moving away – Ineffective observation or lack of control.
  6.    Use of signals – Not given, not cancelled or misleading.
  7.    Incorrect positioning – At roundabouts, lanes and bends.
  8.    Reverse parking – Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
  9.    Incorrect positioning turning right – At junctions, roundabouts, crossing the middle line or    cutting the corner.
  10.    Reversing around a corner – Ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.