Hazard perception test to receive welcome update.

If you’re currently practicing for your driving theory test you have probably spent many an hour on the hazard perception section squinting at your lap top screen trying to spot hazards in the picsalated distance, whilst clicking away at something that usually turns out to be a tree/bush/bollard.
The DSA has recognised the problem with the image quality of the hazard perception test, and has been in consultation with various animation firms, resulting in them awarding the animation firm Jelly the contract to bring CGI technology to the test.
Rosemary Thaw, chief executive of the DSA said:
” The hazards presented in the current clips are still relevent but the image quality is not as clear or defined as the quality available today. We are looking forward to presenting clips that are fresh and up-to-date.The use of computer-generated images means that we can include situations with vulnerable road users such as children, cyclists, and motorcyclists without risk.”
There are currently two early examples of CGI clips available for comment on YouTube.