Driving Lessons, intensive courses, semi – intensive courses.

Driving Lessons.

The main advantage of taking ‘ normal ‘ driving lessons is that it spreads the cost of learning to drive over a longer period. The down side of course is that having one or two lessons per week can mean that you may be learning to drive over a number of months, which might be a problem if you’re on some kind of time limit. But if thats not an issue then another advantage of normal driving lessons is that you’ll not be put in for your test until you and your instructor feel that you’re ready. There’s more time to develope your skills and work on any weaker area’s of your driving without having the pressure of a test date coming up before you’re ready.

Intensive Courses.

An Intensive course involves taking long lessons over a short period of time with your pre-booked test at the end of it.
The real advantage of these is that you can learn to drive from scratch within as little time as a week.
Disadvantages include all the money having to be paid up front before the course starts.Also lessons are going to be long, maybe 5,6,or even 7 hours per day over a week, so you will definately need a week off work or college.Plus also if you’re struggling with any particular aspects of your driving you may not have time to develope the necessary skills in time for your test.

Semi – Intensive courses.

A semi – intensive course is a course of longer lessons taken within a short space of time with a pre – booked test at the end of it. Where it differs from an intensive course is that lessons are no longer than 2 or 3 hours, taken over a 2 or 3 week period.
The advantage of this is that you can learn to drive within a short period of time, without having the hard work of 6 or 7 hour lessons that intensive courses involve, or having to wait for months for your licence like you have to when you have ‘normal’ driving lessons.
Disadvantages include the cost, you have to pay up front for all your lessons, time wise you’ll more than likely have to take time off work or college to fit your lessons in, and, just like the intensive courses you may not have time to deal with any weakness’s in your driving before your test comes up.

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