Cheaper Insurance for Learner Drivers.

Although driving lessons with an instructor are often seen as an essential part of learning to drive, having practice lessons with Mum, Dad or any other qualified driver has also got an important part to play in gaining invaluable experience for a young driver preparing to take their driving test.

According to the Driving Standards Agency pupils who pass their test have had an average of 40 hours lessons with a qualified instructor, and a further 20 hours practice with a friend or relative.

Unfortunately with the rising cost of car insurance, adding a young driver with a provisional licence onto someone’s existing policy can be a very expensive business, with quotes for 17 year olds being as high as £3000! This often limits peoples practice time to lessons with driving schools, thus making the learning process longer.

An answer to this problem may lie with a company called Provisional Marmalade. They provide temporary, pay per month insurance from approximately £90 per month. You can buy for as little as one month, with a maximum of three months. The policy is written in the learner drivers name, so won’t affect the friends or relatives no claims bonus in the event of an accident.

You must provide the registration number of the vehicle to be used,it must be in insurance group 16 or under, and under the value of £20000. The supervising driver must be over 25 and have held a full licence for 3 years or more.It should be noted though that the policy is cancelled as soon as the learner passes their test.

Lots of people pass their test having only ever had practice with their instructor as they may not have access to a car they can practice in, or maybe they don’t have a driver qualified, or indeed willing, to supervise them. But if insurance cost is the only thing holding you back, then contacting Provisional Marmalade may be the answer!