Best and worst places to pass your driving test.

Most people facing their driving test will be naturally nervous. They’ll worry about all kinds of things, from what their examiner is going to be like, to what manoeuvre they’re going to have to perform, or worst of all making that one silly mistake that costs them their pass.

One thing they probably don’t even think about is WHERE they’re taking their test.

If you were going to choose a driving test centre, then you wouldn’t go far wrong in picking Mallaig, in the Scottish Highlands. The reason being statistically its the best place to take your test with almost 80% of candidates passing first time.This is far removed in every way from Wanstead, in East London were 71.5% of candidates fail their test.

The reasons for the high failure rate are many,they include busy test routes, aggressive driving from the rest of Joe Public, and confusing signs and road markings.Many of the test centres that have the highest pass rates are in remote areas, not surprisingly, where the routes and the traffic conditions are less challenging.

Most people will take their test locally, as they don’t have the ways and means of taking it anywhere else. It always helps to be a bit familiar with the area you’re driving in as sometimes there may be a particular junction or roundabout that needs a bit more practice on than others. But to anyone failing their test in Wanstead, or Hull for that matter – think to yourself ‘I bet I’d have passed in Mallaig!’

Best places to Pass: Mallaig 21.4% fail rate
Inveraray 23.5% fail rate
Islay Island 25% fail rate
Isle of Skye 25% fail rate
Kingussie 29.2% fail rate

Worst places to pass: Wanstead 71.5% fail rate
Bradford (Thornbury) 70.3% fail rate
Bradford (Heaton) 70.2% fail rate
Heckmondwike 69.1% fail rate
Bradford (Eccleshill) 68.6% fail rate